Consumer Warning: 12 Most Dangerous Supplements


Consumer Reports has just issued its report on the twelve most dangerous supplements and I want to share those with Georgia readers so they know what to avoid. The Today Show on NBC also ran a feature on it this morning. The supplement industry continues to be one of the largest non-regulated industries in the United States, which is a BIG problem. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) does NOT regulate the supplement industry and has no jurisdiction or authority to make it do anything.

This includes putting a full and complete ingredient list, including the concentration of each drug, on the label of the bottle, For example, in some tobacco addiction supplements, manufacturers have actually used arsenic, a deadly chemical that has been used to kill unknowing people. You would think that consumers might want to know what they are ingesting into their bodies. Worse, though, is sometimes only the first three letters of an ingredient are listed on the label, making it impossible for the consumer trying to take safety precautions, from knowing exactly what he or she is taking.

The tweleve most dangerous supplements, according to Consumer Reports, are:
Bitter Orange
Colloidal Silver
Country Mallow
Greater Celandine
Stay away from these drugs. Exercise extreme caution when taking dietary supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic drugs, etc.

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