FDA a Reckless Joke-Georgians Not Safe From Even Peanut Butter


The salmonella-tainted peanut butter poisoning cases nationwide are frightening and horriffic-over 500 individuals sickened from it so far and eight deaths. From peanut butter! And this is peanut butter that was supposed to have been checked by the Federal Government, in the form of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and through State Government, in the form of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, both of which have, obviously, failed Georgians and all United States citizens. Both of these government entities have failed miserably at their missions, protecting consumers. The FDA Inspection Reports read like an absolute horror story. The culprit corporation, Peanut Corporation of American, located in Blakely, Georgia, had numerous batches of peanut butter test positive for salmonella, but instead of immediately halting production, they shipped off the same batches to be tested by other laboratories that, for some unknown reason, failed to detect the strains of salmonella that were obviously present. Then the Peanut Corporation of American knowingly shipped out tons of peanut butter that had salmonella in them, that ultimately killed and sickened hundreds of people. What unbelievable reckless conduct! And by the way, where was the Georgia Department of Agriculture in all this??

The list of tainted products that you should not consume, apparently, grows with each day. I urge you to check the list of affected foods and do not consume any of them or give any of them to your pets.

And now, here in Georgia, the Governor has the audacity to introduce a bill into the Georgia General Assembly that would immunize any Georgia corporation whose product had been approved by the FDA. The proposed law by Governor Perdue currently would apply to Georgia pharmaceutical companies. That means any Georgian harmed by a pharmaceutical would have no recourse against the corporation that harmed him/her if the FDA had simply approved the product. Now I ask you, if the FDA obviously can’t keep Georgians safe from peanut butter, how could it possibly keep Georgians safe from pharmaceuticals that kill or harm users? It can’t, obviously, but our dear Governor would have his own Georgian citizens treated like second class citizens.

Tell Governor Perdue enough is enough. If you don’t want yourself or your loved ones to be harmed by dangerous products, including dangerous pharmaceuticals, please call or write the Governor’s office and tell Governor Perdue you don’t like being treated like a second class citizen and you don’t want Georgia corporations to get away with murder just because the (meaningless) FDA has approved the product. This has got to stop.

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