Use Caution With So-Called “Herbal Remedies”


Have you been taking so-called “herbal remedies?” BE CAREFUL. I am particularly interested if you have been taking a homeopathic drug called “Tobacco Addiction,” the manufacturer of which boasts can eliminate your addiction to smoking. If you have been taking that homeopathic drug, please call me. This is a drug made right here in Georgia which many Georgians may be taking unawares.

There appears an interesting article at , “Herbal Remedies Need Real Scrutiny” about herbal remedies or homeopathic drugs and they remain unregulated in the United States, even though many of these drugs have been known to cause severe side effects and don’t do what they say they will do. These drugs are not monitored by the DEA whatsoever, and may be causing real harm to users. In fact, if you search the Drug Enforcement Agency’s website, for “homeopathics,” nothing even mentioning homeopathics is found. You will find helpful information about these drugs at the National Institute of Medicine’s website: The United States Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs held a hearing—Body Building Products and Hidden Steroids: Enforcement Barriers—late last month, during which both the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency were soundly criticized for not doing more to regulate either the dietary supplement market or those illicit players fielding steroids illegally sold as supplements.

I would urge consumers to consult their physician before taking any of these herbal remedies. Make sure they don’t interact adversely with whatever prescription medications you may be taking right now and make sure they have not been reported as causing harm to users, e.g., kidney or liver failure. Report any adverse reactions immediately to your physician AND to the DEA.

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