California Bans Texting While Driving: Georgia Should Follow


Well, here we are again. I know I have been harping alot on this hot subject, texting while driving, but I have witnessed too many Georgians being needlessly injured because of a car wreck that happened because one of the drivers was texting while driving. I have personally experienced being cut off by another driver in DeKalb County because he was texting while driving, and it appeared to be a teenager driving mom’s car while he was doing it. I was able to avoid an accident narrowly.

Now, I am happy to see that the State of California has made it illegal to text while you are driving. Amen!! Georgia should be next! There are now plenty of studies that prove a person driving a car while talking on the cell phone is as impaired as a drunk driver. I can imagine that texting while driving, because you are required to be looking down at your cell phone, eyes away from the road, and you are using at least one hand (and I am sure some folks use both hands and steer with their knees) to type out a message, would even be worse than simply talking on the cellphone. Yet our government simply ignores this immense threat on Georgia roads.

You may have seen the news about the horrible commuter train wreck in Los Angeles, California recently. Turns out the conductor of the train was texting while driving the train! The engineer reportedly sent a text message a minute before the devastating crash to a teenage train buff he had recently befriended. Unbelievable! Twenty-five citizens lost their lives because of a text message. The repercussions for these poor families are enormous and tragic. And Georgia citizens are simply lucky something like this has not happened here yet. But it could, if we continue to ignore the threat of texting while driving. Hopefully, the Georgia Legislature in 2009, amidst all of their budget cuts, will take a look at this pressing issue and act.

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