Elect Robin Frazer Clark, Secretary State Bar of Georgia


April 30, 2010
Dear Friends:

First, let me thank you for the hundreds of telephone calls, emails, texts and well wishes you have sent my way to let me know you have already voted for me and that you support me in the race for Secretary of the State Bar. Remember, voting continues through May 3, so if you haven’t voted already there is still time. Campaigning throughout the State of Georgia and shaking literally thousands of hands and meeting thousands of my fellow Bar members has been an extremely rewarding experience for me and I’ll never forget it. Many of you who know me know my motto is “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.” This journey has certainly been one of “rising tides” and has made me even prouder to be a Georgia lawyer.

Sharing ideas and the vision with you of building a better Bar has been motivational. I am deeply honored that 32 of the 37 Lawyer-Legislators of the Georgia General Assembly, including the Speaker of the House, the Chairman of the House Civil Judiciary Committee, the Chairman of the House Non-Civil Judiciary Committee, the House Majority Whip and the House Minority Leader, endorsed my candidacy. These are Legislators from both sides of the aisle, who deal with both civil and non-civil issues, who, in their words, know me as an “effective advocate who brings much-needed credibility to discussions under the Gold Dome.” I have their respect, which is absolutely necessary if the State Bar is going to have a seat at the table when the Georgia Legislature is considering legislation that affects our clients and our profession. I will use that respect and standing on behalf of the State Bar if elected Secretary.

The State Bar is bigger than just a single issue. This race is about true leadership. We need our officers of the State Bar to have that skill and diplomacy necessary, with friends and detractors alike, so that we can have an effective voice. We need a leader who is a new face of the State Bar, who inspires and encourages, who motivates and excites, energizes and galvanizes our membership to build the Bar we all want. I respectfully submit I am that leader and humbly ask for your vote for Secretary.

Robin Frazer Clark

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