“Conservative” Georgia County Knows the Value of Pain and Suffering


I am very pleased to announce a $10 Million verdict by a Bibb County jury for a woman who was made severely ill by a laparotomy pad (sponge) left in her stomach by her doctors during surgery. Although the sponge left by the doctors was discovered in her stomach about a week after it was negligently left there, it had already poisoned the unfortunate woman so severely that it caused kidney damage and blindness.She also suffered severe memory loss and depression. The verdict was against the hospital due to the failure by the hospital’s nurses to keep an accurate sponge count during and after the surgery. The injured woman had approximately $800,000.00 in medical bills to treat all of the new medical problems caused by the sponge that was not supposed to have been left in her body.

Georgia citizens take heart! So often insurance carriers play the “conservative county” card in trying to lowball plaintiffs in settlement negotiations, and Bibb County is certainly perceived as a “conservative county.” I think what this means is that the good people of Bibb County know real medical malpractice and a real tragedy when they see one and will gladly give appropriate financial relief to balance the harm that is often done by rampant medical malpractice. The Bibb County jury rendered justice as they saw fit,and their verdict is nothing short of an affirmation of the jury system, so preciously protected by the 7th Amendment to the Constitution.

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